Mischo Beauty School: Eyelashes 101

As I mentioned earlier today,I recently started taking a makeup class that has added more fuel to my fire and I'm loving it! I've fallen in love with eyelashes and brows all over again and wanted to share with you a quick lesson on applying artificial eyelashes- specifically, band eyelashes.

Band eyelashes (also called strip eyelashes) are applied to the natural eyelash line, using an adhesive, and are meant for single use (though you can easily remove the adhesive and use again!). They're available in human hair, animal hair, synthetic fibers, and in a variety of colors. And so very quickly, here are ten easy steps for application:

1. Always wash your hands first to avoid infection.
2. Decide on length and desired effect of band eyelash.
3. Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler.
4. Apply eyeliner based on your desired effect.
5. Remove band eyelash from package, measure and trim to fit the curve of your eyelid.
6. Apply a thin strip of adhesive to the eyelash band and allow to set for a few seconds.
7. Apply the band eyelash to the eyelash line.
8. Use tweezers to gently press and set it.
9. Retouch the eyelash line with eyeliner and you're done!
10. Repeat steps for second eyelash.

Eyelashes are easily removed using eyelash remover or makeup remover, so no worries. Oh, and if you lose a few of your own lashes in the process of removal, don't fret- your eyelashes will grow back just the same as the rest of the hair on your body! Any questions? Love your lashes.



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