Mischo Beauty Pick: Clean Well All-Natural Hand Sanitizers

I just started taking a makeup class and I can't begin to tell you how great if feels to be on cloud 9! But, I do have one pet peeve and it's the fact that people don't always wash or sanitize their hands before class (insert a blank stare here!). I'll be the first to admit that after becoming a licensed cosmetologist and a licensed esthetician, I am somewhat of a germaphobe- but with good reason!

And this is where I introduce you to Clean Well All-Natural Hand Sanitizers. They're available in 1oz. pocket-sized sprays, spray and foaming desktop bottles, and wipes. This means that they fit easily into purses, makeup bags, carry-ons, etc. But most importantly, they leave hands soft and they're gentle on skin. No more excuses!



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