Mischo Beauty School: Hair Relaxers 101 & Phytospecific

I'm inviting those of you who might need a refresher on the difference between "lye" and "no lye" hair relaxers to visit my "Mischo Beauty School: Hair Relaxers 101" post from last month, and please feel free to leave questions for me in the comments section. I'm shifting the focus of today's post to Phytospecific's Level 2 Collection, which is formulated to "hydrate and nourish ultra-dry hair".

And so to clarify, this collection is also for color-treated and relaxed hair and is formulated with plant extracts and essential oils. About 95% of my hair falls into the "ultra-dry" category, and the other 5% falls into the "relaxed" category (I still have relaxer on my ends in certain areas) - so this collection was perfect for me!

I started with the Intense Nutrition Shampoo, which I think I used a little more than was required (hence the crumpled tube pictured above!). The shampoo is formulated with macadamia, kukui and castor oils and it's consistency was a lot thinner than I'd expected- I believe that's why I used more than was actually needed. It lathered, had a very mild scent and rinsed with no issues.

I used the Intense Nutrition Mask as a deep conditioning treatment, leaving it on for 20 minutes while sitting under a hooded-hair dryer. It's a nourishing conditioner with sunflower, mango and rapeseed oils and it worked like magic! Loved it! It softened and completely detangled my hair and that's a huge deal! My hair type is 4B and when it gets wet, it's very hard to detangle. After using the mask, I was surprised and delighted - I highly recommend it!

The Integral Hair Care is a leave-in conditioner formulated with wheat protein, pro-vitamin B5 and hibiscus flower extract. It protects against heat styling and UV rays. It was my second favorite product in the collection. I applied this leave-in to my hair while wet and proceeded to blow-dry and flat iron my hair. My finish was AMAZING! Let me repeat that, my finish was AMAZING! My type 4B hair was smooth, shiny and had body and movement. Loved. this. product!

The only product I didn't use was the Moisturizing Styling Balm. My hair seemed to be satisfied with what I'd already used and I loved my finish, so I didn't feel the need to use it. But, just so you're aware-the styling balm is formulated with althea and sunflower extracts, is meant to be used daily and provides light hold and shine. It also protects against UV rays.

Phytospecific products are formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, petro-chemicals and phthalates. The Level 1 Collection is formulated to hydrate normal to dry hair, and the Level 3 Collection is formulated to hydrate, nourish and repair damaged or brittle hair.

I love what I've tried so far and highly recommend it! Have you tried Phytospecific products? If so, any thoughts you'd like to share?



beautyameye said...

LUV LUV LUV the styling balm. It's great when u want to slick ur hair down for a smooth ponytail! LUV it!

March 31, 2009 at 5:46 PM
LindenChadwick said...

I actually used the Intense Nutrition Mask yesterday. It does give the hair a nice sheen! As a matter of fact, I was complimented on my hair today - right before I was scolded for not being at work yesterday..lol...

March 31, 2009 at 6:39 PM
Mischo Beauty said...

To "beautyameye": Thanks for adding that! I'm very, very pleased with what I've tried so far! :)

April 6, 2009 at 2:31 PM
Mischo Beauty said...

To "LindenChadwick": Oh nice- glad to hear that! I loved the mask too... so sorry to hear about your job. :(

April 6, 2009 at 2:35 PM

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