Mischo Beauty: Body By Brigitte Wax Strips Kit

In preparation for my trip to St. Lucia, I decided to test out the Body By Brigitte Wax Strips Kits. The goal was soft, smooth and hair-free skin! Now there's a kit specifically for the face, brow and bikini, while the other kit is for the body, legs and arms. Now I've used wax strips on areas of my face in the past (before learning to use wax), so I had high hopes for these kits.

I liked the kit for the face, though I didn't use the strips on my brows (I would've had to cut the strips down to tiny pieces for better control- and that would have been too much trouble!). The strips were easy to use on all of the other areas of my face, and the kit comes with a pre-wax towelette (for cleansing the skin) and a post-wax towelette (for clean up).

I think the face kit is great for home use and easy touch-ups. I ended up using wax every where else. Are you a wax strip kit user? Do the strips work for you? Please share- I'd love to know!

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Anonymous said...

I bought the facial wax kit, it did not work at all! It's hardly sticky at all, when you pull back the strip the wax stays on your skin, it's moist too! Obviously no hair comes out, either. How can this product even be on the market, it doesn't work AT ALL. Not one hair was removed. And I'm very familiar with home waxing.

February 7, 2012 at 11:22 PM

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