Mischo Beauty School: Eye Creams 101

I receive emails pretty frequently with regards to the use of eye creams and they're usually concerning the following:

- Anti-aging
- Dark Circles
- Wrinkles
- Puffiness

Now in addressing the concerns above, I have to tell you that I'm a believer in taking care of oneself internally first, therefore reaping the benefits externally. So don't ever count out the invaluable benefits of adequate sleep, a diet rich in leafy greens, a multivitamin, and water- all of which I've discussed before.

If you're searching for a targeted treatment to address any of the concerns above- I'll share with you my best advice I've been giving out since starting this blog- and it is:

"Buy products formulated for your specific skin type/need/issue."

We all know that every brand makes an eye cream, so what I will suggest is that you start using the eye cream you choose consistently in order to really see/know if it works! Finding what works for you involves trial and error and consistent use for a minimum of 30 days (in my opinion).

Remember, for best results, eye creams should be applied to cleansed skin both morning and night, using your ring finger (the skin under the eye area is the thinnest skin on the body, which means you should use your weakest finger to apply product to that delicate area) before applying other products.

Now if there is an eye cream you're in love with, then share with us what it is and why!



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