Mischo Beauty Pick: Beautisol's Dark Tanning System

If you spent any portion of the summer in the New York metro area, you know that summer lasted for about a week or two this year. And so, I'll be the first to admit that I've been slow to accept fall and have been somewhat longing for the warmth of summer. Well, what I won't have issues with, as we move into fall, is keeping up a bronzy glow- whenever I choose, since having tried Beautisol's Dark Tanning System. The system comes complete with:

- Summer Glow Dark Self-Tanning Lotion
- Go Slough Yourself Dual Action Scrub
- Two Pairs of Application Gloves
- A Detailed Set of Before/After-Use Instructions

There are a few things I loved about this self-tanning system: 1) There was no funky self-tanner scent before or after use (Yay!); 2) The instructions are very THOROUGH and EASY to follow (you should end with an evenly developed tan); 3) It comes with an exfoliant (I'm an exfoliant addict and strongly believe in the benefits!).

My resulting tan was a little too dark for my taste- I should have used the Gradual Tanning System, which allows for more control of the tan's development. Both tanning systems are free of parabens and formulated with antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients, all of which are a plus!

You'll be excited to know that Beautisol has extended a 20% discount to Mischo Beauty readers. Take advantage of this promotion when you visit www.beautisol.com and enter promotion code 09BLMSC at check out.

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