Mischo Beauty Covers Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Wella Professionals & Thakoon Spring 2010

Wella Professionals makes my absolute favorite conditioner in the whole wide world- Power Mask (it's currently the Mischo Beauty Hair Treatment of the Month) and so when I heard they were leading the direction for hair for Thakoon, there was no way I could not cover it! Thakoon's collection is described as "warrior-surf" and so the goal for the hair look was "sumo wrestler meets surfer".

A sleek, tight-to-the-head "seventh samurai" ponytail was sculpted on the top half, while leaving out loose, textured ends in a knot. The bottom half of the hair was left free-flowing, with added waves, down the back.

Customized colored extensions were created for 35 models to add dimension and help form the overall shape. The extensions added blocks of color and a natural color contrast which complemented each models' natural hair color. Eugene Souleiman and Eva Scrivo lead the Wella Professionals Team. You may view the complete Thakoon collection here.

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