Mischo Beauty Pick: Tarte's celluFIGHT Self-Tanner & Sunburst Face Bronzing Facial Moisturizer

The two things that come to mind that I love about Tarte's celluFIGHT Natural Anti-Cellulite Self-Tanner would be the fact that it has a pleasant scent (no funky self-tanner smell!)- it's a green tea fragrance- and the color pay-off is very natural and doesn't streak. Now I was anxious to try it because of it's "anti-cellulite" benefits- you see it contains "skin invigorating ingredients" such as green tea leaf extract, algae extract and a "skinTIGHT complex".

Now most of you know that I've made exercising a part of my lifestyle, but who couldn't use a helping hand! I love that it makes my skin look healthy and toned, but I won't say that it's made the cellulite completely disappear. I've only been using it for about 3 weeks now, so I'll have to report back to you in another 5 weeks on the results.

I've also been using the Sunburst Face Beaded Bronzing Facial Moisturizer. I love the color pay-off of this product too! It contains mini bronzing beads that "burst on contact with skin". I love that it's oil-free and is quickly absorbed into my skin, but I wish it contained a sunscreen. I've been using it along with a moisturizer that contains a SPF.

Looks like I'm quickly becoming a "Tarte Girl", as you all know I love the Cheek Stain and the eyeQuatic Waterproof Summer Essentials Set is a must-have for the summer!

Any other Tarte Girls out there? Have you tried either product? Please let me know your thoughts!



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