Mischo Beauty Pick: Beau Bain Luxury Bath Bombs

So in continuing this week's theme of "at-home spa treatments", I'm introducing you to Beau Bain's (French for "beautiful bath") bath bombs. If you love taking baths, then you need these in your life now! I received a box of bath bombs which included: Coconut Lemongrass, Rainbow Sherbet, Juicy Peach, White Tea Ginger and Lavender & Black Amber.

I used the Coconut Lemongrass bath bomb this morning and can I just tell you that I didn't want to get out of the bathtub and get ready for work! After watching the bath bomb fizz and bubble in the water, it was the scent that instantly drew me in! The scent is a blend of coconut, lemongrass, peach, sandalwood and lily of the valley- need I say more?!? After soaking in the bathtub for as long as I possibly could, I felt my skin (anxious to feel the results) and yes, my skin felt silky and soft.

You see each bath bomb is handmade with minerals and oils, such as grape seed oil, almond oil, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, avocado oil and olive oil- and I can't forget to mention the shea butter. So, now you know exactly why my skin felt the way it did! Oh, and one more thing- they are chemical and preservative free- so that means no silica, parabens or sulfates. My bath time this morning was heaven and just what I needed to get the day started! Visit Beau Bain to learn more.

Have you tried these bath bombs? What's your favoite at-home spa treatment?



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