Mischo Beauty Side Note: Dove Fresh Takes

I must admit that I've never been one to watch soap operas, but my guilty pleasure these days is definitely "The Hills" (*blush*). Who wouldn't want to live in LA and work at the top fashion magazine, travel to Paris for Fashion Week, and party at the poshest clubs in their twenties!?! For those of you who watch the show regularly, you may have noticed the "Dove Fresh Takes" micro-series, starring Alicia Keys, that's been airing during the commercial breaks. It follows the lives of three roommates in their mid-twenties living in New York City, showing the day-to-day issues and pressures a twenty-something woman faces in today's world. The micro-series is entertaining and funny and I love the fact that they are independent, searching for their passions and working hard to achieve their dreams. Reminds me of myself and how I left Indiana at 18, not quite knowing where life would take me, but positive that it would be in the right direction! I'm so grateful I had the courage to follow my heart and go after my dreams. "Dove Fresh Takes" is a reminder that regardless of what happens, each day is a new day, another opportunity to begin again and start over and I definitely love the beauty in that!



curly gurl said...

Reminds me of the quote you have posted from YSL re: passion being a woman's best makeup! It is true. I remember the flushed and beautiful days of my 20s, before self-censorship could make me think twice about my choices. Now, I am a bit more conservative (some may say a lot more) due to responsibilities of my lifestyle, but I still want to maintain the freshness and excitement of the "every day brings a new and amazing challenge" days of my youth (and mind you, I am only 33!). Thanks for sharing this! It reminds me that all is not lost; as long as I can still imagine the invigorating and sometimes risky adventures that I used to, I can still make them happen (and I should). :0)))

April 16, 2008 at 11:16 AM
Mischo Beauty said...

Awwwww, and you will! The beauty of each day is that it's a new day, a new start, a new beginning! Live life to the fullest always!!!!!

April 16, 2008 at 11:34 AM

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