Mischo Beauty School: Skin Types vs. Skin Conditions

If you take anything away from this blog, my hope is that it's properly caring for your skin! Education is key- and that's the reason I continue with the "Mischo Beauty School" posts (your "beauty education"!). According to the New York Times "a new beauty product is born every 2.5 seconds", so while there's always a new product to look forward to, the reality is that these products come and go! The foundation for achieving great skin is knowing your skin type, skin conditions and implementing a consistent skincare regimen.

Now with that said, let's address "Skin Types vs. Skin Conditions". Your skin type is genetically determined (you're born with it!) and most often can be controlled with a consistent skincare regimen. Skin types are as follows:

- Normal
- Dry
- Oily/Combination
- Acneic
- Sensitive

Skin conditions are most often caused by external factors such as the environment, stress, medication, etc. and may include the following:

- Dehydration
- Sensitivities
- Aging
- Pigmentation
- Breakouts

These conditions affect all skin types and may change daily. The great news is that these conditions can be corrected! So for example, you might have an oily skin type that suffers from breakouts and pigmentation issues. And so with all that said, knowing the difference between your skin type and skin conditions will only better help you in selecting the best products for your skincare regimen which will ultimately assist in achieving the goal of healthy skin!

Any questions? Love your skin.



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