Mischo Beauty School: Haircuts 101

I continue to receive the same question with regards to how to go about achieving a great haircut. It's actually a perfect time to revisit this topic- with the arrival of Spring in a few weeks, it's a great time to consider reinventing your look!

And just so you know, every haircut is made up of a combination of basic techniques used to create varying shapes and effects on the hair. Before having your haircut, I recommend the following:

- Consultation with stylist (discuss face shape, hair texture and lifestyle)
- Review haircut pictures with stylist
- Consider home maintenance requirements

Taking the above into consideration will ensure that you and the stylist agree on the best direction and that the stylist has adequate information to achieve the desired end result. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions. Oh, and I'd love to hear your haircut stories! Love your hair.



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