Mischo Beauty School: Extractions 101

I've reviewed a number of facials over the past few months at various spas in DC, and a few of you have asked about the extraction process- specifically wanting to know what it involved and if the process was painful.

Well, the extraction portion of a facial involves the manual removal of build-up (dirt, oil, product, etc.) and/or blackheads. And, there are three ways in which this can be done. Your esthetician may wrap both index fingers with cotton and use them, use two cotton swabs or use a comedone extractor (which is a metal tool- please beware!)

During a facial, your esthetician should cleanse, tone, exfoliate and treat your skin with steam in order to soften pores and prepare for extractions. Next, pressure is applied around the skin surrounding the hair follicle (pore) in order to extract the impaction. You will probably feel discomfort, but you shouldn't feel pain. And, as long as you're seeing an experienced esthetician, you should have no worries! Please remember- extractions are NOT a DIY procedure!

Any questions? Love your skin.



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