Mischo Beauty Review: Hela Spa (Georgetown)

Without actually realizing it, I've been on a quest to find the best facial in DC. Over the past two months I've had two facials that I've loved, and recently added a third to the list. I recently visited Hela Spa, a medical spa in Georgetown, for a tour and facial. Unlike the other spas I've visited, and although very chic, Hela Spa has a clinical feel to it. This is definitely where you'd choose to come for a very thorough analysis of your skin and a series of treatments. It's not set-up for lounging, and not a place to bring a group of friends for a spa day.

But, it very much is the place to go for your biweekly or monthly skin services. Yes, there's no doubt that your skin's health and overall appearance will be in the best condition. My appointment started with completing the client consultation form and relaxing in the lobby area with fresh hot tea. My service started with my esthetician, Brianne, examining my skin under a magnifying lamp both before and after cleansing. And based on her analysis, she recommended The Liv Ullman facial, which is a deep cleansing treatment followed by a rejuvenating medical-grade glycolic peel.

I wasn't expecting this recommendation and was even hesitant (my skin is easily sensitized, so I didn't know how my skin would react to the peel)- but this recommendation proved to be excellent. And, I appreciated the fact that Brianne performed a thorough skin analysis before recommending any arbitrary facial or the most expensive facial. She also added a collagen mask and vitamin C treatment to the service, which combined with the peel, left me with the freshest glow!

I opted out of extractions (you all know how I feel about them) explaining to Brianne my reasons why and during our conversation she shared great information skin health, post treatment care and the importance of repeat visits. Skin health is important to me and so I appreciated being given this information. I had no redness or irritation at the end of the service (I was shocked), but Brianne had prepared post treatment instructions (specifically for those having received a peel) detailing how to care for my skin following the treatment.

If you have a skin type that requires extra care or are treating a skin condition that really needs special attention -or if you are just concerned about the best care for the overall health of your skin, then Hela is definitely the spa for you.

If you've visited Hela Spa- either the Georgetown or Chevy Chase locations - I would love to know your thoughts!

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