Mischo Beauty: Be Your Own Dream Girl

If you read the follow-up post on the "Team Beauty Presents... Win Your OWN Product Line!" contest, then you know- as promised- that I'm checking in once again to remind you to get entered! So you've submitted a video entry, right? Please let me know! I also wanted to share with you the motivational piece below in hopes that it moves you the way it's always moved me. Enjoy.

Dare To Dream. The main thing that keeps an objective out of reach is your assumption that you cannot reach it. You're able to do precisely what you expect to be able to do. Are there dreams that you dare not to dream because you've decided that you cannot attain them? If so, then your negative expectation has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Before you abandon or downgrade your most treasured dreams, consider this. When your goal is personally meaningful and compelling, you can achieve it, whatever it may be.

You are never too old or too young, too rich or too poor, to direct the energy of your life toward a compelling objective. Life is about making a difference, and that's something you can do no matter what your circumstances may be. There is somewhere you truly wish to go, something you sincerely desire to achieve, right this very moment. Take the time to find it, commit yourself to it, and make the effort to make it happen. Your dreams represent some of the most valuable gifts you have to give to life. Dare to dream, and allow the best of who you are to be fully expressed.

-Ralph Marston



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