Firm Determinations and Making It Happen in 2011 and Beyond

For some reason, I have felt uncomfortable with the world "resolution." Maybe it's mental, since there is such pressure every New Year to make big changes and re-direct our lives off the path of So-So in order to barrel our way down the Lane of Success. For some people that pressure is motivating and it works for them, but for others, not so much. So in the spirit of productive pressure and making it happen in 2011 and beyond, I'd like to embrace the way of Firm Determinations. My specific Firm Determinations, with the aim of feeling better, looking better and getting healthier are:

1. Keep my desires/aspirations written down and take at least one action toward their fruition daily, and congratulate myself on each accomplishment.

2. Integrate monthly facials into my beauty regime. A facial is pampering and necessary care all wrapped up in one package. Yum!

3. Stop eating all flesh foods except seafood. The poultry section cheers while creatures of the sea jeer. I know, it's not fair. Eat wild-caught fish at a maximum of three times per week (already started along this path so "Yay, Me"). Keep an eye on my mercury intake.

4. Experiment with a week of raw foods for one week each month and take that time to also consciously purge emotional waste.

5. Get to bed by 10:00pm in order to wake by 4:30am for 30 minutes of cardio/yoga/weight training at least four times per week (get energized before heading to work and get exercise out of the way early).

6. Be consistent with my daily vitamin intake (multi, vitamins C/D/E, selenium, CoQ10, probiotic).

7. Devise a layered and chic uniform look for the work week, easing the burden of the morning hustle and bustle and regularly playing up my best features with my chosen "look".

8. Find as many easy recipes as possible for body-care products that I have in regular rotation. This will save money and give me greater control over the content of items that I frequently use. Share the recipes with all of you.

9. Develop a wider array of funky ready-to-wear hairstyles.

10. Cook multiple healthy meals for consumption during the week on Sunday, at least twice per month. Major money savings here when I can bring lunch and possibly breakfast to work. Who couldn't benefit from that?

Well, that is my list for the undertaking. What about you? Anything you've been meaning or dreaming to do? Share it and take the first step toward making it happen. :) Happy New Year, and many more!!!



andrea f said...

this is a great list Zee... i've been doing #10 for years and you'd be supprised how much easier it makes life ;)

January 4, 2011 at 1:53 PM
Zee said...

Thanks Andrea. Well, I'm looking forward to living that easy life right with you. Happy New Year! :)

January 5, 2011 at 9:43 AM
JennJenn said...

I love it!!

January 6, 2011 at 4:48 PM
Zee said...

Thanks JennJenn! Do you have any firm determinations that you are working toward?

January 9, 2011 at 2:13 AM

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