Hair Rules Salon: The Everlasting Blowout

What could bring more pleasure to a curly girl's heart than a visit to Hair Rules Salon to meet renowned Texture Guru and celebrity hairstylist Anthony Dickey and his supporting cast of merry-making hairstyling magicians? Nothing, that's what!

I had a chance to chat with Dickey about what inspired him to become a self-proclaimed gatekeeper of textured hair, and I got the lowdown on his new line of blow-out products, which take your hair from kinks, curls and waves to straight, no chaser. Could there finally be an effective product to help women celebrate the fun of switching between textures, without the damage of a permanent process? I was on a mission to find out, and was greatly heartened by the answer.

I was put in the masterful hands of resident superstylist Dailey. Needless to say, my favorite treat of the evening was not the Nuvo but the complimentary blowout. Dailey washed my hair with the Daily Cleansing Cream Moisturizing No Suds Shampoo, clarified me with the Aloe Grapefruit Purifying Shampoo and then conditioned with Hair Rules' Quench Ultra Rich Conditioner. My hair was on a magic carpet ride of pure bliss. After adding a deceptively small amount of Blow Out Your Curls serum, she blew out my usually extra curly/extra fluffy mane (with the old skool comb attachment at that--whaaatt??!!) and flat-ironed it to Straightsville. It was pin straight, folks, yet not lifeless. Another wonder!

The Bottom Line: Two thumbs up! The Blow Out Your Curls styling agent kept my frizz-happy locks straight, shiny and looking healthy, even after traipsing through the cold, wet New York City night looking for a great restaurant. My advice-pick the formula appropriate for your hair type, be careful in downpours and around swimming pools, then enjoy blowout longevity like you've never imagined! -Zee



Laila said...

I have been looking for a good anti-humidity product for protecting my hair after a blowout. I'm going to give it a try!

November 3, 2010 at 8:26 AM
Anonymous said...

Ok, dear- I'm dying to see photos of your hair! Do you have any from that night?

November 4, 2010 at 2:56 PM
Zee said...

@Laila-Try it out and don't forget to post back and let us know what you think!

@Anonymous-I know! I wish I had them to post. My phone died (fancy HD2 phone with a great camera-when it's charged!). Next time, I promise. :)

November 5, 2010 at 10:04 AM

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