Mischo Beauty School: Hair Texture 101

So let's discuss hair texture. Hair texture is often a point of confusion, but simply refers to the diameter of each individual hair. The texture of hair generally falls into one of the following five categories:

A. Very Coarse
B. Coarse
C. Average
D. Fine
E. Very Fine

The coarser the hair, the thicker the cuticle (outermost layer of the hair) and larger the cortex (the middle layer of the hair). Stronger, coarser hair textures will be able to withstand stronger chemicals and rougher treatments than fine hair. For example, I have coarse to very coarse hair and I'm surprised that I have hair today after allowing stylist after stylist to overprocess my hair (unknowingly!) during my college years. But due to my hair's strength it's been able to withstand the damage!

Hair textures have nothing to do with the quantity of individual hairs on the head, so it is possible to have a thick head of fine hair and on the other hand, a thin distribution of coarse hair. Questions? Love your hair.

What's your hair texture?



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