Rene Furterer’s Acanthe Perfect Curls

There is no such thing as bad hair. And with the right products, all hair is good hair. The key is identifying your hair type and determining what your hair likes by observing its reaction to different products. Pay attention to what your hair needs, and it will give you what you want.

My hair is curly (Type 3) and fairly low-maintenance. I've mostly used inexpensive shampoos and conditioners and generic gels for many years. After researching, I decided to take better care of my hair, to make it as healthy as possible.

I experimented with many, and found that Rene Furterer's Acanthe Perfect Curls line delivers all that my hair likes, needs, and wants. The Curl Enhancing shampoo thoroughly cleanses away the residue of days worth of product. The conditioner detangles and moisturizes without leaving that heavy, overly conditioned feeling. The Curl Enhancing leave-in fluid is the icing on the cake. With only a few drops, it smoothes out your strands, defining your natural curl pattern, allowing you to style your hair with or without a comb. (I use my fingers!) No hard gel-like finish and no stiff, over-processed residue!

As with all things, you get only as much as you give. Love your hair, and it will love you back.

Be beautiful, and be well. -Ayanna Shamese

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided for consideration by the company. For more information, please see my disclosure.



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