Mischo Beauty Extra: Zoya's MatteVelvet Collection

I've got to give it up to Zoya, because they never let us down! I'm still in love with the "Truth" & "Dare" fall 2009 collection and it's the reason that I'm late with telling you all about the MatteVelvet collection. This new collection includes three "shimmering mattes":

- Loredana (left)
- Dovima (center)
- Posh (right)

And what makes this collection unique is that it's not meant to be worn without a base or top coat, or a speed dryer. The finish should be "matte"! I apologize for not having swatches- I've been beyond busy lately- but trust me on this one, you'll love it!



antithesis said...

i got loredana when they had that twitter giveaway. idk what i did wrong but it would not stay on my nails for more than a couple hrs. im going to try again since i have the whole bottle and i dont want it to go to waste but i was disappointed. looked pretty hot, though

September 25, 2009 at 4:12 PM
Mischo Beauty said...

Sorry to hear that... if you check out Zoya's website, they give a heads-up about the matte formulas:

"Due to the unique matte formulation, color is not as long wearing as traditional nail color. A completely clean, dry nail surface yields the best results for matte nail color wear."

November 15, 2009 at 11:24 PM

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