Mischo Beauty School: Hair Relaxers & Thinning/Breakage 101

First, I'd like to thank you all for sending me your beauty questions- I love answering them, so please keep them coming! Recently, I've received a few questions with regards to the use of hair relaxers resulting in hair breakage and thinning hair, so I've decided to answer the questions with this post.

So, damage from relaxers can result from a number of different reasons. When you're trying to determine the cause, consider the following:

1. The "strength" of the relaxer might be stronger than what's needed for your particular hair texture. Relaxers come in "mild, regular or super" strengths. For example, if your hair texture is "fine" and you choose to relax your hair, you should only use a "mild" strength relaxer. Using anything stronger will definitely result in damage and possibly hair loss!

2. Your stylist may not be applying the relaxer properly. It should ONLY be applied to your NEW hair growth, every 6-9 weeks, or depending on your rate of hair growth. No overlapping onto previously relaxed hair!

3. Thermal styling might be an issue. Are you frequently using a curling iron, flat iron or blow-dryer? If so, they might be contributing to your hair thinning/breakage. If you have relaxed hair, you should use the least amount of heat to style your hair as possible.

4. Do you color your hair? If you use permanent haircolor, the application should be at least two weeks after relaxing or you will experience thinning/breakage and possibly serious hair loss. Also, because your hair will now have to withstand two chemical processes, you should consider using a mild relaxer.

5. If you're thinning near the scalp, then it's probably from improper application or overlapping of the relaxer onto the previously relaxed hair. If you're thinning along the length of the hair, then it's probably due to excessive heat from a curling/flat iron, blow-drying or constant chemical overprocessing.

Hopefully you and your stylist are able to identify the problem and implement a new haircare regimen. If you feel that your problem is different from those listed above, I'd recommend you visit a Dermatologist. Please feel free to leave questions in the " Comments" section! Love your hair.



Anonymous said...

I was told by a hair stylist that I have follicle damage from relaxing and there's no way to reverse it. I was told I should go natural. And, i can't stand natural hair anymore. It has been seven months since my hair has been relaxed. What happens if I start relaxing again? Will I lose my hair?


September 10, 2010 at 2:15 PM
Mischo Beauty said...

To Anonymous: Listen to your stylist! Seriously. Also, go see a Dermatologist ASAP!

September 14, 2010 at 1:31 PM

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