Mischo Beauty Review: DDF Protect and Correct UV Moisturizer SPF 15

The best advice that I can give all of my readers with regards to skincare is to buy skincare products according to your individual skincare type/needs/issues. So for those of you with hyperpigmentation issues or uneven skintone, you will want to consider trying DDF's Protect and Correct UV Moisturizer SPF 15. This is a lightweight moisturizer that works to even skintone and prevent hyperpigmentation.

As an esthetician, you all can probably imagine how passionate I am about skincare. The one aspect I’m most passionate about is protection from the sun. This product contains broad spectrum UVA-UVB protection. Sun damage leads not only to skin cancer, aging, and collagen and elastin deterioration, but to hyperpigmentation, capillary damage and free radical damage. Everyone needs to wear a moisturizer with an SPF - regardless of your skintone-everyday, rain or shine! With this product you'll receive the benefits of the prevention of hyperpigmentation, correction of uneven skintone and protection from UV rays. This all combined makes it totally worth giving it a try!

Have you tried this product?

DDF-Doctor's Dermatologic Formula Protect & Correct UV Moisturizer SPF 15 1.7 oz



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