Mischo Beauty Review: 3LAB

As I've said before, 3LAB is best known for producing products with the highest-grade of botanical ingredients and the highest percentages of anti-oxidant ingredients in the industry. I tested a regimen of 3LAB products last month and I must tell you that my skin is clear, soft, smooth and glowing! My regimen consisted of the Perfect Cleansing Scrub, WW Cream, WW Eye Cream, Perfect Repair and the Perfect Mask. The Perfect Cleansing Scrub served as both a cleanser and exfoliant because it contains fine jojoba beads. Normally I don't exfoliate everyday, but I found this cleanser gentle enough to use both morning and night. Once a week, I'd use my Clarisonic Skincare Brush along with this cleanser for a deeper exfoliation and I loved the results.

I found that the WW Eye Cream, which I used both in the morning and at night, both lifted and brightened my eye area. The WW Cream was exactly what my skin needed with the onset of fall. I found this rich cream to be very, very hydrating and perfect for both day and night use. The Perfect Repair is a serum that uses a two-cylinder bioconversion system to convert an inactive form of vitamin C to an active form. It has the highest concentration of vitamin C to be found in any product on the market and I used it at night on my face, neck and decollete under the WW Cream. Vitamin C is known to aid in cellular repair, brightening of the skin and hydration, and each morning I was happy to find that my skin looked refreshed and renewed.

There's definitely a tie for which product was my absolute favorite and it's between the Perfect Repair and the Perfect Mask. I'm a huge fan of non-setting masks and found this one to be perfect for my normal skin type (with an oily t-zone). I've learned that my skin loves hydration, along with concentrated vitamins and nutrients and the Perfect Mask is packed full of all of this and more! This mask is designed to lift, firm and brighten the skin and it did just that!

Have you tried 3LAB products?



The Anti Hair Slave said...

I liked the results I got from the 3lab mask, but I did have a weird tingly feeling in my upper lip when I used it...my friend experienced the same thing. No swelling or irritation just a weird tingle. I guess that means it really does work. I will be using it again.

October 2, 2008 at 1:09 PM
Mischo Beauty said...

To "The Anti Hair Slave": Also remember that products work differently on individuals... I've been using the mask weekly and I love it. :)

October 9, 2008 at 10:47 AM

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