Mischo Beauty Fashion Week Coverage: Makeup Backstage at Tracy Reese Spring 2009 #NYFW

Simply put, Tracy Reese's Spring 2009 collection was inspired by nature and the shades of colors most prevalent during the spring season. I had the opportunity to speak with Mally Roncal (lead makeup artist) backstage about the makeup look, techniques and products used. Mally explained that the goal for the look was to keep the makeup very soft and beautiful, with the only emphasis being on the bold brows. Various shades of peach were used on the eyelids, cheeks and lips.

Brows were shaped and filled in, and strip lashes were used and touched-up with mascara. The upper and lower lash lines were lined using a black eyeliner and the inner tear line was lined with a brown eyeliner.

The cheeks were highlighted using a peach blush and the lips were kept very soft and natural looking by using a peach lipgloss with no lip liner.

All makeup used was Mally Beauty. I love the fact that Mally's direction for the show not only complemented the collection perfectly, but looked stunning radiant on all of the models, each of varying complexions.

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Anonymous said...

I am loving the lashes and the cheeks!!!

September 9, 2008 at 12:37 PM
yummy411 said...

awesome and beautiful... so interesting to see how the makeup translates on the runway!

September 9, 2008 at 12:57 PM
Luxe Tips said...

Wow! Beautiful! I am going to rock some peach make-up tomorrow! All of the models look great! Plus I love your tweets!

September 9, 2008 at 11:57 PM
Mischo Beauty said...

To "Pumps And Gloss": Me too! The makeup was so soft and very pretty! :)

September 10, 2008 at 5:33 PM
Mischo Beauty said...

To "Yummy411": Absolutely! I loved being able to witness it all come together and the runway show itself was AMAZING! My friend had tears in her eyes after the show!

September 10, 2008 at 5:34 PM
Mischo Beauty said...

To "Luxe Tips": Be sure to post pics so we can see! ;)

And thanks for keeping up with my Tweets! :)

September 10, 2008 at 5:35 PM
andrea said...

i was loving the fuller brow... and can really appreciate the natural beauty of the models with the softer makeup look... everything was absolutely beautiful ;)

September 13, 2008 at 7:53 PM
Mischo Beauty said...

To Andrea: I agree! The makeup was so beautiful- definitely not "overdone"- just perfect!

September 22, 2008 at 11:25 AM

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