Mischo Beauty Hearts British Vogue

I was in Barnes & Noble this weekend and the first magazine to catch my eye was the February issue of British Vogue with model Sasha Pivovarova on the cover. I normally spend about $75 monthly on foreign fashion magazines, but my attention was drawn to this due to this bad case of spring fever I'm dealing with- it seems that all bright colors catch my eye and the above image of the cover doesn't do the combination of pinks used any justice, not to mention her peach-pink lip color. You'd have to see the cover in person to really appreciate it. Anyway, I loved the colors and had to have it! Here's the beauty team that created the cover look:

All makeup by MaxFactor

Makeup: Stephane Marais
Nails: Bernadette
Hair: Teddy Charles
Fashion Editor: Lucinda Chambers
Photography: Lachlan Bailey



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