Mischo Beauty School: Exfoliation 101 (Part 2)

Who knew that over-exfoliation or too-much exfoliation could lead to premature aging? Just when you thought you were taking the necessary steps to ensure that you’re rid of all the oil, dirt, and debris that clog your pores causing break-outs and acne you learn that too-much can be damaging! Well, it’s true. Too-much exfoliation can cause irritation/inflammation and when our normal cellular functions have to work to combat this, the result is a break down in collagen, elastin and hydration. The end result is dry, wrinkled, sagging skin. As an esthetician, my recommendation is to use an exfoliation product for your particular skin type, no more than 2-3 times a week. Always consult your esthetician or the product’s manufacturer’s directions for correct product usage information.

Love your skin.

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