Mischo Beauty School: Hair Relaxers & Thinning/Breakage 101

I’ve received many questions on the use of hair relaxers resulting in thinning hair and hair breakage, so I’ve decided to address the issue. Damage from relaxers may result from a number of reasons. At any rate, the problem could be due to one of the following:

1. The "strength" of the relaxer might be stronger than that needed for your particular hair texture. Relaxers come in "mild, regular or super" strengths.

2. Your stylist may not be applying the relaxer properly. It should ONLY be applied to the NEW hair growth, every 6-8 weeks. No overlapping onto previously relaxed hair!

3. Thermal styling may be an issue. Are you frequently using a curling iron, flat iron or blow-dryer? If so, that will definitely contribute to thinning/breakage.

4. Do you color your hair? If you use permanent haircolor, the application should be at least two weeks after relaxing or you will experience thinning/breakage. You should only be using a mild relaxer.

If you're thinning near the scalp, then it's probably from improper application or overlapping of the relaxer onto the previously relaxed hair. If you're thinning along the length of the hair, then it's probably due to excessive heat from a curling/flat iron, blow-drying or constant chemical overprocessing.

Hopefully your stylist will identify the problem and offer you a new haircare regimen. If you feel that your problem is different from those listed above, I'd recommend you visit a Dermatologist.

Love your hair.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions!



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