I Love Her Hair!

I love the color of Ellen Barkin's hair- I couldn't take my eyes off of it- hence this post. As you all know I'm training to be a colorist and I'm amazed at how natural and soft the color looks against her skin- not too yellow, not too white. Amazing! Great haircolor amazes me these days- I guess it's the chemist in me (yes, I have a BS in Chemistry!) formulating the color, taking into account her natural haircolor, contributing pigments, etc, etc. Ok- so here are my product recommendations for maintaining great color (I've just started using this product line at the salon and it's great!

Cleanse the hair with the Okara Protective Radiance Shampoo. It strengthens, hydrates and works to preserve haircolor.

Treat the hair with the Okara Protect Color Restructuring and Protective Radiance Mask. It works to preserve haircolor, while strengthening the hair. It detangles and returns the hair to it's normal pH.

Protect the hair with the Okara 2 Phases No Rinse Conditioner. Not only does it preserve haircolor, but it also contains UV filters which protect the hair from the sun.

Style as desired!



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