Amplify with Hourglass Cosmetics Film Noir Lash Lacquer

So, if you remember, I've told you all about Stubbs (the nickname for my underdeveloped lashes) and my ceaseless effort to amplify what little I have in the eyelash department. Well, I've tried Hourglass Cosmetics Film Noir Lash Lacquer and I find myself riding the fence on this one.

On one hand, the product definitely made my lashes appear super glossy and jet black, even without the recommended base of lengthening mascara. I was impressed with the glamorous look of it all, and even more taken by the fact that my occasional eye rubbing throughout the day (terrible, I know) did not rub off or flake the lacquer. Its latex-like finish adheres to your lashes differently than mascara does, and therein lies the goodness.

On the flip side, applying this product takes way too much care for my hectic morning routine, but could be worth the extra time when prepping for a night out on the town. Cleaning and brushing off the excess from the brush before each application is a must, otherwise the lacquer clumps and either doesn't brush on at all or gathers lots of lashes into an unattractive dog pile. No, not a pleasure. You really have to follow the directions and take your time.

All and all, I say try it if you have $28 to spare, as well as the time and patience to get the application right.



B said...

Misch, I've been testing this and I couldn't agree more. I love how this makes my eyes look bigger and really brings those lashes out, but is definitely a lot of work.

November 2, 2011 at 9:08 AM
Zee said...

@B-thanks for commenting. You really do have to think about whether it is worth it, no? LOL It would be a shoe-in if the application process was quicker and less prone to mistakes. Can't wait to read your post after trials are over!

November 2, 2011 at 2:18 PM

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