Sexy Hair Fascinations

Hats, caps and fascinators - all accoutrement of women who have something to say that clothes and makeup cannot articulate alone. Among the many choices, my favorites are hair fascinators and other ornate hair clips that accessorize a formal look or take an ordinary outfit and spin it into fabulous (like the amazing mesh hair piece above by hair accessory maestro Colette Malouf). Depending on the style and materials you choose, the prices run from inexpensive ($10-20) to pricey, like this or that one-of-a-kind piece, both available on With smart decisions in sizing and style, you are bound to have tongues wagging as you work this look, so be ready!

The hair fascinator, an accessory that is not quite hat and not quite jewelry, dates back to 17th century England, where it was worn primarily by women in the privileged classes and known for ornate, sometimes even garish design. Their use has waned and rebounded over the years, and now they seem to be back in vogue (not that you should ever let that dictate your own use). Although some styles, as above by Designs by Annalisa, are for formal occasions, there are also more wearable options that can be worn at less formal social events or about town when dressed to impress. New Year's Eve is right around the corner and offers the perfect opportunity to break out your fascinator and dazzle the crowd from every angle! Although Etsy has got countless options to choose from, Boutique de Bandeaux is an excellent place to start your search, especially if your hair is lusciously thick.

There may not be enough time between now and New Year's Eve to order a kit and make your own fascinator or hair piece (yes, you can DIY!), but it is possible to order rush delivery online or visit a local milliner's shop to browse and make a purchase. Be daring and give it a try!



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