Mischo Beauty: Sustainable Youth Skin Care

I love learning about new skincare products (I can't help it, I'm an Esthetician!) and that's the reason why I allowed Sustainable Youth Technologies to send me their Total Immune Performance Regimen which includes the Elastifirm Supplement with Alasta, Immune Performance Revitalizing Serum with Alasta and the Immune Performance Elasticity Cream with Alasta. Each product in the regimen contains "Alasta", which is derived from organic aloe and is supposed to stimulate the immune system to help repair and rebuild the skin's collagen and elastin- preventing wrinkling and sagging.

Now I decided to present this skincare line to you for the following reasons:

1) It's a "green" skincare line - 100% natural/organic- and I love that!

2) Many of you promised to begin consistently caring for your skin at the beginning of the year, and for those of you who are behind, this is just another option for you.

3) I always encourage you all to search for products specifically for your skin type/issues, and if "anti-aging" is your concern/issue, then this could possibly be for you.

If you've tried these products, please let me know your thoughts!



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