Mischo Beauty Pick: Anastasia Brow Scissors

Since I'm a licensed esthetician I guess I'm somewhat particular about the tools I use on my brows. I'd posted a few months ago about my "must-haves" for achieving my perfect brow. I know they're old-school (as I was told) - but they work for me! And, I'm always complemented on my brows! I recently added Anastasia's Brow Scissors to my kit and I'm very pleased with the ease of use. The blade is the perfect shape and length for safely trimming across the top of my brows. They were designed by the brow expert, Anastasia Soare for home use, for anyone!

Which Anastasia Beverly Hills products are you using?



Shalon said...

I tried her stencils when I first started as an esthetician. I will say that using her stencils really helped me with seeing the natural shape of and eyebrow on different people.

You know that as a licensed esthetician you can receive a discount. I think it may be 20-30 percent.

July 2, 2008 at 11:31 AM
Mischo Beauty said...

To Shalon: I have the stencils too, but I haven't used them yet because you know I've mastered my brow but I plan to try them on my friend. Oh, and thanks for that info! :)

July 2, 2008 at 4:04 PM
yummy411 said...

mischo beauty =) do you prefer these straight scissors over the curved ones?

July 3, 2008 at 8:15 AM
Amee said...

I don't have much in the brow area, never really have but my friends LOVE going to her place to have theirs done!!

July 3, 2008 at 12:19 PM
Mischo Beauty said...

To "Yummy411": Actually I use both- the Anastasia Brow Scissors aren't the first straight pair I've used...I'm ashamed to tell you this, but before I went cosmetology/esthetics schools, I would just grab a regular pair of scissors and go to work on my brows...LOL! BUT, I know better now! ;)

July 3, 2008 at 5:53 PM
Mischo Beauty said...

To Amee: Oh wow- it must be nice to live out there! She IS the eyebrow guru! :)

July 3, 2008 at 5:54 PM
yummy411 said...

don't be ashamed. sometimes you have to get the job done.. but only on yourself right LOL

ummm esp. when 'my instructor' did an eyebrow demonstration using the throw back long silver, black handled (rusty) scissors!

July 6, 2008 at 3:45 PM
Erin said...

I swear by the whole Anastasia perfect brow kit (scissors, powder, stencils, highlighting pencil). It helped me find my arches and go from overplucked to natural yet defined.

July 6, 2008 at 5:24 PM
Mischo Beauty said...

To "Yummy411": LOL! Now that's funny and scary too! ;) LOL!

July 8, 2008 at 8:34 AM
Mischo Beauty said...

To Erin: I haven't tried the kit yet- but I can't wait! Thanks for stopping by! :)

July 8, 2008 at 8:36 AM

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