Mischo Beauty School: Hair Conditioners 101

Which conditioner should you buy? Well, it depends on the condition and texture of your hair. Your stylist will know when to use an instant conditioner for detangling only or when to use a moisturizing or protein conditioning treatment. Let's understand the difference:

1. Instant conditioners/rinses, left on for only a few minutes, smooth the hair's cuticle which detangles the hair.

2. Moisturizing conditioners, which are allowed to work for 10-20 minutes, restore moisture to the hair, balance the hair's pH, and smooth/coat the hair shaft resulting in control and shine.

3. Protein conditioners are used to strengthen hair and repair split ends. They are formulated to replace the protein lost in the hair. They should be used according to the manufacturer's directions. Improper use may result in breakage.

Love your hair.

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